Thinking Outside the (Toy)Box: Unique Kids’ Room Design Ideas


Thinking Outside the (Toy)Box: Unique Kids’ Room Design Ideas


When building a custom home, every aspect is tailored to your lifestyle and needs, including your kids’ rooms. Regardless of their age, creating spaces that are inviting, flexible and come with lots of storage is one of the things we do best.

Here are a few ideas to inspire the perfect room for your child.

Building a Custom Home: Room for Two

Contemporary Kids by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators B Pila Design Studio

Designing a space for multiple kids poses a unique challenge: how do you create a space that gives each child their own sense of identify and ownership? Built-in shelving and cabinets provide ample storage for all their treasures, clothes and toys and will also help in outlining each child’s own individual space.

A fold down desk built into the wall or cabinet is also a great space saving way to provide each child with their own working space, perfect for doing homework or creating an artistic masterpiece.

Building a Custom Home: Lofty Ambitions

Modern Kids by Montreal Architects & Designers Bipède

Big or small, when building a custom home creating a room with ample storage, room to play and an area for sleeping is key. To maximize your space, why not consider building up instead of out?

Create a loft for a sleeping or lounging to allow for plenty of space on the floor for play. A ladder is a great way to access the loft, but stairs are even better as they provide a studier structure for your child to climb up and down from. Stairs also give you an extra storage area that will blend perfectly into the room’s overall design.

Building a Custom Home: Gateway to Imagination

Traditional Kids by Minneapolis General Contractors Schrader & Companies

Add to your child’s creativity and play by designing a unique way for them to move from their bedroom into the playroom. A child-sized archway or tunnel between the two spaces creates an instant portal to adventure. An ornate small door will also give your child a pathway for community back and forth between the two rooms with ease.

No playroom in your plans? Then give your child a small area ideal for hiding out in from pirates turning into a time machine, taking their imagination to far away destinations. A mini closet provides this addition play area for your imaginative little one.

Building a Custom Home: The Ultimate Playroom

Eclectic Basement by Frankfort Home Builders Gander Builders

A huge advantage with building a custom home is the limitless design flexibility. Incorporating built-in elements like a stage, a thinking tree, a climbing wall or a bistro will provide a boost to your child’s playtime activities and take your playroom from fun to utterly magical.

Ready to begin building your Iowa custom home? Then contact us to schedule an initial consultation and let us help create a special room especially for your little ones.

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