Designing a Custom Home with Natural Lighting


Designing a Custom Home with Natural Lighting


When building a custom home, taking advantage of the luminous affects provided by natural lighting is not only cost efficient, it also adds ambiance and warmth to any room.

Here are three ways to help maximize the affects of natural lighting in your Des Moines custom built home.

Oversized Windows

Traditional Family Room by Mississauga Architects & Designers Parkyn Design

Oversized windows are not only architecturally appealing, but they are also the perfect flow for natural lighting. A wall of windows with a view of a waterscape or the surrounding natural landscape makes a spectacular addition to a living room, study or master bedroom.

Incorporating energy efficient windows to your design will ensure that you reap the added heating benefits of natural lighting without sacrificing impact to your electric bill.

Expand the Outside

Traditional Garage And Shed by Seattle Architects & Designers Menter Architects LLC

Not only does natural lighting offer cost saving benefits, it also creates the opportunity of bringing the outside into your home. An accordion door works double duty by providing the perks of a wall of windows and the convenience of a door.

The perfect complement to any living room, master bedroom or oversized gourmet kitchen, accordion doors make it easy to move in and out during dinner parties or weekend cook outs.

Perfect Location

Contemporary Bedroom by Kirkland Architects & Designers Thielsen Architects, Inc. P.S.

The first step to building a custom home that incorporates natural lighting is to find a location which welcomes a design using large windows without shades or curtains. Land that positions the living room, kitchen and master bedroom at an angle that is either protected by trees or avoids the prying eyes of neighbors is ideal for oversized or floor to ceiling walls of windows.

Need help finding land for sale in Iowa? We can help you find a location that will be perfect, offering ample privacy for your natural light inspired Des Moines custom home.

Download our planner to take the first step towards designing your night light inspired custom home.

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