How to Choose an Iowa Home Builder


How to Choose an Iowa Home Builder


Thinking about building a custom home? If you’re like many homebuyers, you’ve probably invested hours on the internet researching builders, pricing, photos, finishes, reviews, social media, and more. And that’s smart.

But buying a home is also a very emotional, tactile experience. The moment that you walk into a home and it feels right. Even if it’s not the exact floor plan that you envision for your home, walking into a home that has been built by a custom builder will tell you more about that builder in 5 minutes than you could learn in more than 50 hours of online research.

That’s why scheduling an appointment to tour a completed custom home is so important when you’re researching builders to build your own custom dream home.

During your tour, here are a few things to be looking for to determine if a custom home builder is right for you:

Quality You Can Feel and Touch

Quality is a word that is overused by home builders on the internet, but the moment you walk into a home that is truly built with quality in every detail, you can feel it. Builders may not talk about the care they take in finish detail or material selection on their website, but when you walk into a completed home you will know.

Here are a few additional ways to measure quality:

  • Can the builder demonstrate specific ways in which the home exceeds quality standards?
  • Does the home reflect attention to detail, or have some details been left unfinished/overlooked?
  • Are the selected finishes appropriate for a luxury home?

A Personalized Approach to Value

Building a home is an investment. Whether you are building a 2,000 square foot custom home or a 5,000 square foot home, value is an important consideration. Some questions to ask during an on-site tour include:

  • What features and finishes are included in the price?
  • What are the costs for custom structural changes?
  • What are the costs for upgrading specific finishes such as flooring, counters, or exterior detailing?

Is There Chemistry?

Choosing a builder to translate your vision into your dream home is an important part of the process. It’s a relationship, and like all relationships it’s important to have open communication, respectful dialogue, and a shared vision. When meeting with your builder, consider:

  • Does the builder listen and communicate well?
  • Does the builder’s work represent what you envision for your home?
  • Does the builder understand your vision, and demonstrate the experience to translate your vision into your dream home?

At Castle Pointe Homes, we invite you to schedule an on-site tour at one of our recently completed homes. During your tour we can review floor plans, discuss your own plans for a custom home, and demonstrate how our approach to Woman-Centric Design can create a home that you and your family will love for years to come.

Scheduling a tour is easy: simply contact us or give us a call at (515) 988-4201.

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