7 Stages of Custom Home Construction


7 Stages of Custom Home Construction


Think designing, planning, and building a custom home may be too overwhelming? At Castle Pointe Homes, we make it easy with a simple 7 step construction process that is designed to save you time and make the experience of building your dream home almost as enjoyable as living in it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the new home construction process with photos from one of our recently completed custom homes.


At this stage, foundation is poured for the living area, garage, and porch. You and your builder will review any structural modifications before foundation stage. Rough plumbing and electrical are also installed and inspected at this stage, so finalizing kitchen and bath design (such as dual vanities or a sink in the kitchen island) before this stage can save costly changes later.


Often one of the most exciting stages, framing is when your dream home truly begins to take shape. At this stage, you’ll walk through the home with your builder to make sure that all of the structural options and customizations that you’ve selected are in place.

Interior Rough

During this stage, all electrical wiring and plumbing lines are run through the home. If you select a fireplace box for one or more rooms of your home, they will be installed at this stage.

Exterior Rough

Exterior elements including doors and windows are delivered and installed at this point. Roofing is also completed.


Once plumbing and electrical are finalized and inspected sheetrock is installed, taped, and sanded. Then the ceilings and interior walls are textured and cabinets are installed.

Interior Finish

Months of planning and anticipation pay off at this stage. Installation of flooring, tile, countertops, appliances, and hardware make your long awaited vision spring to life. All interior trim and painting is completed.

Exterior Finish

At this stage, the curb appeal of your home goes from working job site to “Wow!” Exterior siding is painted, landscaping and fencing is installed, and exterior masonry such as rock or brick are also installed.

From start to finish, at Castle Pointe Homes we’re committed to building quality homes and quality experiences for our homeowners. Find out more about our construction process and tour one of our recently completed homes.

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