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5 Questions to Ask Before You Build an Iowa Custom Home

Posted on 11/16/2012 at 10:23 AM

Now that you’re ready to start your Iowa custom home, there are five questions you should consider before beginning the process. After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to create the custom home of your dreams while still maintaining realistic expectations on time and budget.

What’s My Ideal Location?

The first step in building a custom home is to decide on your ideal location. On your initial meeting with your Des Moines builder, you will most likely discuss your location requirements. So to prepare, take time to drive around and select a few areas that you are interested in that you can share with your builder.

From there, your builder will be able to guide you through the process of reviewing and selecting your prefect location and itemizing out all the associated hidden costs that often go along with purchasing land in Iowa such as establishing a water source, waste removal and clearing the land.

What Are My Must Haves?

Take a step back and decide on the amenities and features that are truly “must have” items for your new Iowa home. Think about how your family interacts and what your lifestyle is like. If you entertain often, you might want to add extra serving areas to your kitchen. Or maybe you work-from-home and have always wanted a secluded study or office space to call your own.

From an extra bedroom for you constant influx of out-of-town guests to an outdoor bar and seating area for parties, you and your builder will be able to customize your floor plan to meet your specific needs and desires.

What Are My Wants?

Now that you have your list of must have items, it’s time to focus on your “want” items; you know those special little features that you’ve always wanted, but don’t have to have. In order to ensure you stay within your budget, it’s a good rule of thumb to review your entire “want” list with your builder as well. Your builder will be able to best guide you through the process of prioritizing your wants and really helping you to stretch your dollars.

Whether it’s an over-sized master suite downstairs to a hidden nook upstairs perfect for reading in on a Sunday afternoon, you and your builder will be able to narrow your list and come up with creative, cost effective ways to build more of your luxury “want” items into your new custom home.

What is My Budget?

As with any project, you’ll want to create a budget and keeps tabs on it throughout the entire build project. Meeting with your builder throughout the project and touching based on costs and any surprise expenses will ensure you stay on budget and have a successful custom home development project.

What is My Timeframe?

The final piece of the building puzzle is to establish your timeframe. Keep in mind that building a custom is more than just the build process; you’ll need to allow for time to locate and purchase land, secure fixtures and appliances and settle on design elements such as flooring and lighting.

When you meet with your builder, discuss your expectations or need for moving into your new custom Iowa home. This upfront conversation will allow you and your builder to create a project schedule that will get you where you want to be, when you’re ready to be there

Iowa New Homes

Now that you’ve answered the five questions, you have a game plan for your new Iowa custom home and you’re ready to take the first step towards making 2013 the year you finally build the custom home of your dreams!

Contact us today for an initial consultation and experience the Castle Pointe Homes difference.

Home Builders in Des Moines Share Holiday Decorating Ideas

Posted on 11/16/2012 at 10:17 AM

The holiday season is in full swing and for many of us, it’s now the time to start thinking about holiday decorating. In honor of this exciting season, we’ve pulled together some great home decorating ideas we’re sure will spruce up your Iowa custom home and spread cheer and warmth to your family an friends.

Des Moines Builders Holiday Decorating Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite holiday decorating ideas for your home:

  • Have a bright white front door? White doors are perfect for making the deep colors of evergreen wreathes and garland pop! Add a little extra flare by tying on extra-wide red ribbons and incorporating white twinkle lights to complete this classic holiday look.
  • For larger entrances with double doors, add a two piece wreath. Cut an extra large wreath in half lengthwise with wire clippers and use florist wire to attach extra evergreen clippings and ribbons to help fill in any gaps. Hang a half of your wreath on each door so they meet in the center with the doors closed.
  • For outdoor columns or post, instead of the standard wrapping with lights or plain garland, why not kick it up a notch and add in ornaments or pinecones. These little additions are sure to take your outdoor theme from “oh” to “ahhhhhh” instantly!
  • Large outdoor pots that are often dormant during this time of year are perfect platforms for additional outdoor decorating fun. Plant a small evergreen shrub and wrap it with lights or create mini trees by stacking beautifully colors alumni ornaments in a pyramid shape.
  • Extend your holiday cheer all the way to the curb by adding a festive mailbox topper to a square mailbox post or wrap an iron mailbox with beautiful garland and ribbons.
  • White, green and red lanterns filled with varying sizes of white candles will add instant elegance and charm to any fireplace mantel, book shelf or hallway nook.
  • Dress up your kitchen by wrapping pendent lights, kitchen islands and bars with garland. Not only will it bring a sense of warm to your kitchen, but the crisp smell is sure to put you in the holiday mood!
  • Don’t forget those presents under your tree! Take a little extra time when wrapping gifts this year to create beautiful custom bows or add elements, such as ornaments or pinecones, to give your packages a little extra cheer.

Iowa Custom Home Decorating

Enjoy the holiday season and make your home welcoming and inviting, from the outside in. Play off your Iowa custom home’s natural beauty and use it’s built in elements, like columns, doors and fireplace mantels, to inspire your holiday decorating creativity.

Des Moines Home Builder Shares Landscaping Tips for Winter Climates

Posted on 11/08/2012 at 10:26 AM

Now that we are fully into the fall season, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the upcoming winter climates. Having been custom home builders in Iowa for over a decade, we are well versed in how to prepare landscape for the harsh winter climates.

Landscaping Tips from Custom Home Builders in Iowa

Here are some of our favorites ideas for preparing your landscape for winter, both during and after your custom home build.

  • Remove Fallen Leaves – As we transition from fall to winter, ensure that you remove all leaves from the ground.&n; Leaving leave piles on your lawn could cause fungus or, most likely, kill the grass underneath.
  • Take Precautions – In order to prevent crab grass and lawn disease, apply crabgrass preventer and mow your lawn before the first snow. A lawn that is too tall will be prime for disease and help stimulate the growth of crab grass.
  • Prune Trees and Shrubs – Pruning is a necessity for ensuring healthy growth during the spring. Once the leaves have turned, indicating that the tree has turned dormant, is your signal to prune. And don’t forget, if you’re going to tackle the job yourself, make sure you cut at a slight angle about ¼ inch from the branch.
  • Timely Planting – Entering winter is an excellent time of year to plant rooted materials, like large shrubs and trees, as well as bulbs. Planting this time of year greatly reduces the amount of watering you’ll need to do and often allows the plants time to take deep root before onset of warmer, drier temperatures.
  • Design for Year-Around Beauty – When building your home, design your landscape for year-round enjoyment by incorporating evergreen trees and shrubs. As your seasonal plants come and go, the evergreen plants will offer beauty throughout the year. And for non-evergreen trees and shrubs, wrap them in burlap and give them proper coverage to help protect them through the long winter months.

Building a Custom Home

Ensuring that the homes we build are prepared to endure the harsh winter climates is of utter importance to us. Just as with the custom built home itself, we also go to great lengths to ensure the landscaping is both visually appealing, and designed to both provide beauty and endure the cold.

Experience how our attention to detail puts our Iowa custom built homes in a class above all others! Contact us today for an initial consultation and experience the Castle Pointe Homes difference.

How to Secure Land for Sale in Iowa

Posted on 11/06/2012 at 10:35 AM

If you’re ready to make 2013 the year you finally build the custom home in Iowa you’ve always dreamed of, then you must first find and secure the perfect piece of land. We’ve assisted hundreds of home owners through this very process over the years.

Here are a few tips we share with our custom home owners in order to assist them through the process of locating and purchasing land for sale in Iowa.

Buying Land in Iowa

There are two routes to take in selecting the perfect plot for your Iowa custom built home: you can work with a realtor or builder to select a location or you can find and secure land on your own.

For those wishing to pursue their own search, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Seeking a great value? Keep in mind that acreage becomes less expensive the farther out you go from a city. Moving farther out also affords you the ability to incorporate more eco-friendly amenities, such as solar panels or Energy Star appliances, heating and cooling systems, into your custom home design.

  • Once you have your list of potential homesites narrowed down your top one or two, visit each lot on a rainy day so you can see how water falls and moves through the property. This will help you identify any low-lying or non-runoff areas that could hold potential problems with your Iowa custom home build.
  • In order to ensure your offer’s chance for acceptance, submit your land offer during the off-season, which is typically in the winter months. Land for sale in Iowa typically moves a slower rate during these off-peak times, so you’re more likely to get a better deal on your purchase.
  • Determine if public water and sewer lines are available. If not, you might need to fit a well and a septic system into your custom home build budget.
  • Check with the local court house or town planner to see what the future plans are for the surrounding area. If a major thorough-fare is in the works, you might want to reconsider you lot selection.
  • And finally, spend an evening or weekend in the area. This will allow you to experience the area and get a feel for what living in the community will be like.

Building a Custom Home

Ready to make 2013 the year you build your new custom home in Des Moines? Then you’re ready for Castle Pointe Homes! Let our team work with you to find the perfect plot of land for your Iowa custom home.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and let our team of experts assist you through the land purchase and custom home building process.

How Woman Centric Design Basics Make for Better Design

Posted on 11/01/2012 at 10:41 AM

Looking for something different in Iowa new home construction? Then welcome to Castle Pointe Homes, a leader luxury custom home construction and design! What allows us to stand apart from other area builders are the principles of Woman Centric Design that we follow for creating our homes.

The elements of Woman Centric Design are centered on what women look for in custom home design: areas for de-stressing, designs built for entertaining, ample storage throughout the house and designs that allow for flexibility.

Iowa New Homes Designed with Women in Mind

Flexibility: How can you be sure that you have a house that will grow with you over time? Creating rooms that can be multi-functional and easily have a change of purpose over time is what flexibility of design is all about.

As one of the main elements of Woman Centric Design, flexibility of design also covers the flow of rooms; how a home office connects seamlessly to the adjacent outdoor patio and kitchen for example.

De-Stressing: We all have our own way of de-stressing when we get home after a long, hectic day. The concept of de-stressing by design ensures that just the right place is created for your perfect area of escape.

Be it a secluded nook overlooking a backyard garden or a luxury master bath with a sunken tub, de-stressing by design allows for the creation spaces that are there and ready for those moments when you just need to relax and get away.

Storage: So you say you have too many little extras and no place to put them? This is the question that storage by design focuses on answering.

With the concept of storage by design, we’ll create ample storage opportunities that fit your needs without overpower the flow and layout of your house. Creative storage with elegance is the core of this concept!

Entertaining: So you like to entertain? Never fear, the concept of entertaining by design was created for you!

Entertaining by design takes into consideration your personal style for entertaining and creates layouts that allow for the most natural flow during large gatherings, plenty of counter space for buffet events and additional seating options that are built in to the design of the house.

Des Moines Home Builders for Women

We understand that what women look for in design is very different than that of men. We also understand that women have a huge impact on the purchase and design of custom homes. That’s why our designs are deeply rooted in the philosophy of Woman Centric Design.

Discover the difference our design process can make in the design and development of your luxury custom home. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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