Custom Home Builders Iowa Guide for Roof Design


Custom Home Builders Iowa Guide for Roof Design


When it comes to new homes in Iowa, it’s clear to see that there is more to a roof than simply serving as the protective cover for a home. A well designed roof adds a sense of architectural beauty to a house; giving it personality and a unique quality.

The roofing materials available to custom home builders in Iowa today provides an almost endless number of options for creating dazzling, yet substantial, custom home roofing designs.

Roof Design Materials: Metal

Traditional Exterior by Charleston Architects & Designers Frederick + Frederick Architects

Although it boasts a single sheet appearance, metal roofing is actually a system made from individual metal pieces and tiles. When connected, the individual pieces create a powerful looking cover to a custom home.

The individual piece aspect of metal materials allows for creative design options. The roof could be one single color or a mixture of colors and materials, such as copper and steel, for a more striking affect. The old world charm of metal roofing blends perfectly with the surrounding Iowa landscape.

While truly stunning, metal is prone to high conductivity of heat, therefore incorporation of insulation into the roof surface of your new Iowa home will be required. In addition to providing protection and cooling, the insulation also provides a barrier for sounds, muting the sounds of heavy rain or falling items onto its surface.

Roof Design Materials: Terra Cotta

Mediterranean Exterior by Redwood City Architects & Designers Simpson Design Group Architects

Terra cotta has been a staple in home design for centuries. Not only a beautiful accent to any home or pool house, terra cotta tiles are also fire-resistant, long-lasting, low-maintenance and aide in reducing a home’s energy consumption.

When building a new home in Iowa, finding a roofing material that will stand up to the varying climate and weather conditions is critical. Not only is terra cotta a sturdy roofing material, but it’s far easier to replace its single tiles and maintain that many other roofing options.

Roof Design Materials: Reclaimed Metal and Wood

Traditional Exterior by Aspen Architects & Designers Timothy F. White

While beautiful and charming, corrugated reclaimed tin roofing is one of the most resilient roofing materials available. Looking for more of a farm-like or rugged feel for your new home in Iowa? Then consider the old-world charm and modern protection provided by decorative reclaimed tin or wood roofing.

In additional to the instant character provided by a reclaimed metal or wood roof, the building material is also very eco-friendly; perfect for anyone wanting to maintain a true “green” feel to their entire luxury custom home both inside and out.

Roof Design Materials: Mixed Materials

Traditional Exterior by Saratoga Springs Design-Build Firms Witt Construction

If you can’t settle on just one roof style or material, then blend them into a roof design that is truly unique and oozing with charisma. Particularly affective on ranch style, cottage and Craftsman homes, the mixture of materials brings a home to life and adds instant curb-appeal.

When you’re ready to create a luxury custom home with true charm and character from the inside to the roof top, contact us for your initial consultation and let us show you how to create the luxury custom home of your dreams.

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