Building a Custom Home for Outdoor Living


Building a Custom Home for Outdoor Living


Love of the outdoors is truly a lifestyle. One of the advantages to building a custom home is the flexibility afforded to designing spaces that support all aspects of your lifestyle and needs.

In addition to finding the perfect piece of land for sale in Iowa for your new home, creating spaces that support your appreciation of the outdoors is a key component in building a custom home.

Here are a few ideas for creating outdoor spaces that are sure to inspire you custom home design:

Outdoor Spaces: Elegant Entertaining

Contemporary Patio by Fort Myers Design-Build Firms Castle Harbour homes

Entertaining outdoors doesn’t have to put your guest directly in the elements themselves. When building a custom home design a space with protected areas or glass windows that can slide out of the way to open the room to the outdoors is a beautiful option. Incorporating a fireplace element gives you a room that can truly be enjoyed by you and your guests year-round.

A built-in kitchen and bar area will allow you to stay in the mix of party instead of having to move back and forth from the patio to the kitchen. Incorporating chairs, couches and benches will provide your guests with ample room to mingle within the protection of the outdoor space. And adding a flat screen and a grill turns the elegant space into the perfect place for a football watch party.

Outdoor Spaces: Multiple Gathering Locations

Traditional Landscape by Bolingbrook Landscape Architects & Designers Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors

Not all your guest will want to stay undercover, so incorporate spaces throughout your backyard where they can gather comfortably. Benches and tables around lush landscape or sculptures create spaces that will naturally call your guests to gather.

Add a touch of ambiance and a source of heat for your guests with a beautiful fire pit in your main seating area. A fire pit creates an area where your guests can gather and mingle in warmth while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the night time skies.

Outdoor Spaces: Natural Landscape

Contemporary Patio by Birmingham Interior Designers & Decorators Colorworks Studio

Are you more of an outdoor enthusiast? Then why not create a space with everything you and your guest will need to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in while still being able to connect with the surrounding landscape.

Just because your space is more exposed to the elements doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury. When building a custom home with an exposed outdoor space, use materials such as marble or slate for your grilling areas. Both stand up to the elements well, are easy to clean and will create the perfect area prep and serving space for your meals.

Flat screens and surround sound are still available with this more exposed outdoor entertaining solution. Design a beautiful housing unit in wood, stone or steal with a closing door or window to protect your flat screen from the elements.  And incorporate weather resistant speakers throughout the space.

Outdoor Spaces: Water Features

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Contractors Mile High Landscaping

The final element for creating stunning outdoor spaces for entertaining brings the calm of nature into your space. Water elements placed throughout your space provide a natural acoustical background element as well as beautiful areas where guests are sure to be drawn.

Not only will the water elements provide a natural sense of elegance within your outdoor space, water features can also create stunning architectural elements which are sure to catch the eye of your guest.

Are you ready to begin building a custom home in Iowa with the perfect outdoor space for entertaining? Then contact us for your initial consultation and let us know what you want in your dream outdoor entertaining space.

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