Iowa New Homes: Traditional Architecture Meets Modern Design


Iowa New Homes: Traditional Architecture Meets Modern Design


Drive down the street of any old neighborhood and you’ll see it: the rich architectural design of some of Des Moines most beautiful historic homes.

If you love the traditional exterior look of historic homes, but prefer modern design and energy efficient construction, building a custom home offers the perfect solution.

Here are four exterior design ideas to inspire your own new Iowa home design.

Luxury Home Exterior: Stucco

Traditional Exterior by Denver Photographers Brenda Olde

Stucco is ideal for creating a traditional aristocratic Baroque or California inspired exterior. This durable medium is able to beautifully cover a concrete, metal or wood building base and stands up exceptionally well to the varying weather conditions of the Iowa landscape.

The flexibility of stucco allows for customized coloring, so your new Iowa home can be exactly the shade you desire.

Luxury Home Exterior: Cedar Shingles

Eclectic Exterior by Watertown Architects & Designers Solomon+Bauer+Giambastiani Architects

Cedar shingles are a refined, modern solution for your Victorian and Craftsman inspired new Iowa home. Unlike Shaker shingles of the past, today’s modern cedar shingles are mill crafted and lay flat to provide a longer-lasting, more weather-resistant exterior.

Maintenance for cedar shingles is minimal and easy as they can be replaced one at a time versus the more intrusive, full strip or complete side removal required by other building materials.

Luxury Home Exterior: Stone

Traditional Exterior by Orem Interior Designers & Decorators Dale Browne

The classic English countryside feel of stone exteriors is a sophisticated look that will always remain in style. When building a custom home rock, stone or slate materials can be used to achieve this elegant exterior.

Over the course of past centuries, stone exteriors have proven to be a long-lasting option that can withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions.

Luxury Home Exterior: Mixed Materials

Traditional Exterior by Saratoga Springs Design-Build Firms Witt Construction

For a truly modern spin on the traditional style, incorporate a variety of building materials into the exterior of your new Iowa home. Stone, metal and stained wood provide a polished look, oozing with charm and character.

No matter your design style, we’ll help you create a new Iowa home with a traditional feel that’s uniquely your own. Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step towards building the custom home of your dreams.

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