How to Plan Your New Iowa Luxury Custom Home


How to Plan Your New Iowa Luxury Custom Home


Building a custom home is easier than you might have imagined. Understanding the process before you begin will help you better prepare and enhance the experience.

Here we’ve outlined the four steps that will help you prepare you for the initial consultation with your home builder and guide you through the entire process of Building a custom home in Des Moines.

Step One: Lifestyle Survey

To prepare for the planning and design phase, it’s helpful to take an inventory of your family’s lifestyle. Your lifestyle survey will help you identify the amenities and needs that are most important to you and your family.

Are you an active family with tons of sporting equipment? Then you’ll want to include ample garage storage for easy, organized access to everything you need for the big game. For your home chef and cook, create the ultimate kitchen with a walk-in pantry, energy efficient appliances and tons of counter space to work on.

Ready to take your lifestyle survey and outline the amenities and must have items for your Iowa luxury custom home? Download our planner to get started.

Step Two: Create a Design Idea Book

With your lifestyle survey completed and your must have items identified, you’re ready to create a design idea book. Your design idea book will become your guide when you meet your builder and will give your builder a better understanding of your design tastes.

Need a little inspiration? Check out our online photo gallery for ideas from some of our previously built custom homes. Pinterest and Houzz are also excellent resources for discovering new materials, techniques and design inspiration.

Step Three: Choose a Floor Plan

Selecting a floor plan is a very exciting step in the custom home build process. It’s during this step that you’ll choose the floor plan that will serve as the skeleton you’re your new luxury custom home.

Castle Pointe homes has several floor plans, all with the ability to customize to best fit your lifestyle and needs. When reviewing our featured floor plans, try and reimagine each of them with your customizations and personalization choices incorporated into them. This will help you narrow down your selections to your ideal plan.

Step Four: Meet Your Builder

With your lifestyle survey completed, design idea book pulled together and your floor plan selected, it’s now time to meet your builder. During your initial consultation, ask to take a tour of a current home under construction in order to get a better idea of the builder’s style and to give you time to share your design thoughts and must haves with your builder. This is an excellent way to connect with your builder and get the build process off on the right foot.

This is also the point where you’ll discuss your location options. Already have the perfect lot picked out? If not, talk to your builder about available land for sale in Iowa that will fit your custom home vision.

When you’re ready to begin Building a custom home in Iowa, contact us and let us help you make your luxury custom home dream a reality.

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