Building a Custom Home: Designing a Home Office


Building a Custom Home: Designing a Home Office


Designing a home office is a big undertaking; after all, you’re creating a space where you’ll spend eight to ten hours a day. With the ability to work remotely, today’s home offices are equipped with everything the traditional offices have, and some times, even more.

When building a custom home, designing an office that will meet your needs and offer flexibility is mission one. Here are a few ideas to help make designing your home office, a little easier.

Large Home Office Design

Traditional Home Office by Other Metro Media and Bloggers

If there is a possibility of your business expanding, preparing for it now with a larger home office space might be the way to go. A larger space will provide plenty of room for an additional employee or two and a meeting area for impromptu brainstorming sessions.

A larger space also offers the opportunity for a more conducive planning and working area. With a space large enough for a white board or working table, you can spread your designs out for a better view or build your proto-type without ever impacting your available desk space.

Design Flexibility

Traditional Home Office by Lake Oswego Interior Designers & Decorators Tina Barclay

For the home office that isn’t for the everyday use, design for long-term flexibility. A dual purpose home office space can be available for late nights when you need to finish a proposal and still be a place where your holiday guest will feel comfortable and welcome.

Additional shelving and a built-in desk can provide enough work space for the occasional home office use, without taking away from the overall space. Plus, it makes converting the room into a library or additional bedroom down the road easy.

Separate Home Office

Traditional Landscape by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

One of the advantages of a home office is the flexibility of location. A home office built as a separate building provides an automatic separation of work and home life. Tucked away in small cluster of trees of as an upstairs addition to a double garage, a detached home office can blend in to your homes overall architectural and landscape design.

The flexibility of home office design allows you the creativity to create a space that gives you everything you need for work while still remaining ideal for your lifestyle now and in the future.

Download our planner to take the first step towards creating your perfect home office space.

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