Des Moines New Home: The Custom Home Design Advantage


Des Moines New Home: The Custom Home Design Advantage


When it comes to building a Des Moines luxury custom home, the design advantages are almost limitless. With the ability to customize floor plans and select the materials and appliance you want, you can design a new custom Iowa home that fits your exact needs, wants and lifestyle.

Des Moines New Home: Taking Stock

One of the biggest advantages to Iowa new home construction is having the ability to create a luxury custom home that is completely centered on your lifestyle, wants and needs. So before you begin the build process, why not take time to inventory what it is you truly want and need in your Des Moines custom home?

First and foremost, where do you want to live? Examine factors such as office location, schools, activities and volunteer efforts you’re associated with to help you determine where you want to live. Once you have a few areas narrowed down, then you can work with your builder to find the perfect lot for your new home.

Now let’s take a look at your lifestyle. Are you a social butterfly that loves to entertain? Or do you prefer the quieter aspects of life like relaxing with a good book on a Saturday afternoon or spending your weekends outdoors lounging by the pool with your family? The answers questions like these will help guide and shape the design process for you and your builder.

Des Moines New Home: Create a Plan

Once you have your location and lifestyle questions answers, you’re ready to begin the planning process. Our online tools provide everything you need to get the job done right!

The first step is to download the home guide planner. Our design planner will guide you through the initial planning phase and help you create a design blueprint for the initial consultation with your builder.

Our online gallery has tons of fabulous ideas on how to make your new Iowa new home uniquely your own. With creative solutions for storage to ideas on how to create the ultimate kitchen for entertaining, our gallery has solutions for every taste and budget.

Des Moines New Home: Meet Your Builder

Being able to choose exactly where you want your new luxury custom home to be and designing a home that fits your lifestyle, wants and needs, is unmatched advantage to creating your own luxury Iowa custom home.

With your location identified and your completed planner in hand, you’re now ready to meet your builder. Contact us for an initial consultation and let us show you how to make 2013 the year of your new Des Moines custom home.

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