Des Moines Builder Shares a Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting a Floor Plan


Des Moines Builder Shares a Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting a Floor Plan


Aside from location, selecting the floor plan is one of the most critical choices of a luxury custom home build. The layout forms the foundation of the overall feel and flow of the house. Knowing how important the selection can be, we won’t make it you go it alone! We’ve created a guide to walk you through the process of selecting the perfect floor plan for your new luxury Iowa custom home.

Life-Style Consideration

The first factor to think about is your life-style; take time to really think about your daily routine, the way you entertain, age of your children and if you have pets. Understanding how you and your family work really will drive the options that are going to best suit your life-style needs.

Are you an on the go kind of person who doesn’t spend much time at home? Then you’ll probably need a single story floor plan to make it easy to get in and out in a flash. Do you love to entertain? Then the floor plan you might want to start with will have an oversized kitchen, formal dining room and an outdoor entertaining area so you’ll be set for every party occasion.

Understand Your Wants and Needs

Along with your life-style, now is the time to analyze and prioritize your wants and needs in a luxury custom home. You might want that four car garage, but you need the extra storage or the guest room addition more.

Prioritize your list of wants and needs in order to help you define the features you just can’t live without in your new Iowa custom home.

Elements of Woman Centric Design

When selecting the perfect floor plan for your Iowa new home keep the Woman Centric Design elements of flexibility, de-stressing, storage and entertaining in mind. Houses centered on these elements create homes of exquisite design, understated elegance and optimal functionality.

A floor plan centered on Woman Centric Design will offer flexibility so that today’s children’s bedroom can easily transform into tomorrow’s study, giving you plenty of wiggle room as your life-style needs change over the years. Floor plans deeply rooted in Woman Centric Design will also offer the perfect solutions for de-stressing, like a lavish spa bathroom or a library with bookshelves that just don’t appear to have limits.

Take Inventory

How many times have you walked through a new home and imagined what your furniture will look like in the space? When selecting a floor plan for a new luxury custom home, you’ll want to give yourself the opportunity to let your mind daydream here too!

Take an inventory of your furniture, especially those larger pieces like your over-sized legal desk or that charming wine storage bar you got for a steal when you were antiquing last spring. Make sure your overall floor plan allows for plenty of room for all your furniture and favorite treasures.

Start Planning Today!

The final key to selecting the perfect floor plan is to meet with a builder early in the process. Taking time to work with a builder from the very beginning will help save time and money later down the road.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get started! Download our online planner and start the process of creating your new luxury Iowa custom home today.

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