Iowa New Homes: How to Create a Custom Home Budget


Iowa New Homes: How to Create a Custom Home Budget


Looking for a way to maximize your budget when creating a new custom luxury home in Iowa?

Whether you’re looking to build a large two-story or a smaller ranch style, creating a budget focused on your prioritized needs and wants means you’ll be able to buy more home for your money and get more of the features that will make your new Des Moines home feel luxurious and personalized.

We have a few tips that will help you create a budget that will make it easier for you to not only get the features you need, but many of the extras you really want.

Communication is Key

One of the best ways to help save money is to meet early in the process with your Des Moines home builder. Your home builder will be able help you throughout the process, but will be able to have the most impact on your budget if you connect with them early on in the process.

Partnering with your home builder early on has several benefits. Along with being able to assist you in prioritizing your wants and needs, a builder will often be able to save you thousands on selecting land, particularly if you are looking for rural land. This early communication also creates the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship where you will feel comfortable enough to ask your builder anything about your custom build and to help you keeps tabs of your expenses throughout the entire process.

Come to Table with Ideas

Before your first meeting with your new Des Moines home builder, do a little research on where you would like to live and also, what features you would most like to have in your new Iowa home.

Do you have children at home? Then create a dream game room with plenty of room for a flat screen to show the latest movies and ample space to spread out in when they get a hot Wii Dance Party match going on. No doubt those kids will be clamoring for snacks, so make sure you amp up the wattage in your kitchen design as well and go for a full gourmet kitchen with everything you’ll need to make top notch snack foods to keep the game players properly stocked.

Design ideas are also important to research before your first consultation with your new home builder. Explore online photo galleries to get ideas for the perfect kitchen or that must have walk-in closet of your dreams and bring photos for your builder to see. This is a great way to ensure you and your builder are on the same page during the design process and will help your builder when allocating for the purchasing land and materials in your budget.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Now that you understand the basics for creating a successful custom home budget, time to get inspired and start designing the custom home of your dreams! Visit our online gallery for inspiring design ideas and use our online planning tools to begin creating your new luxury Iowa custom home!

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