Popular Iowa Custom Home Design Trends for 2013


Popular Iowa Custom Home Design Trends for 2013


If you’re ready to take your first step towards making 2013 the year you build your new Iowa custom home, then it’s time for us to take a look at home design trends for the upcoming year.

Here are some popular design trends for the upcoming year:

  1. The crisp clean lines of the art deco style from the 1920s and 1930s will be making a comeback. When choosing this design trend, select colors from the traditional art deco color palette like dove gray, soft lilac and cool greens set against black and refined metals like brushed steel, nickel or bronze.
  2. If color is your thing, then 2013 is definitely your year as bright citrus oranges, hot lime-greens and tropical turquoise take center stage! Proudly show your flare for bright colors in kitchens and baths by incorporating them into wall colors, tile back splashes and eclectic accessories.
  3. The compact pocket office will be making resurgence this year as more and more people moves towards working from home. These cozy little spaces provide quiet places for telecommuters and allow for flexibility in design should you ever opt turn the space into a library, sitting area or craft room.
  4. Walk-in pantries will be the new “it” accessory to luxury kitchens in 2013. Creating large spaces with customized shelving and storage areas accented with glass or elegantly decorated wood doors are not only functional, but make beautiful accents to any kitchen décor.
  5. Square is out and triangle is in! 2013 will see the use of triangles in living rooms, master bedrooms and game rooms. These triangle accents on walls and ceilings provide form and flare to these otherwise flat, overly large open spaces.
  6. Adding light will be a huge element of design for 2013. Light can be incorporated into rooms through the use of color or by adding additional windows to larger rooms like living rooms, master bedrooms or kitchens.
  7. Don’t call it a comeback, but green is back! Green is becoming the new go to neutral color for kitchen designs. We’re not talking about the avocado greens from your childhood. Today’s greens are vibrant and add a sense of warmth to the kitchen when paired against modern steel appliances or dark wood cabinets.
  8. As the popularity of the foodie continues to grow, so will the trend in design for large kitchens fully equipped with all the cooking accessories and appliances home chefs crave! Kitchens with lots of counter space, double ovens and work stations with a deep, extra sink are staples for today’s aspiring home chefs.

Design Your New Iowa Custom Home

Now that you know the trends, it’s time to get inspired and start designing the custom home of your dreams! Visit our online gallery for inspiring design ideas and use our online planning tools to begin creating your new luxury Iowa custom home!

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