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Building Process

The Castle Pointe Homes building process is an 11 step process:

Stage 1: Sales Agreements/Plans: In this first stage all contracts and agreements will be finalized and signed. Floor plans will be designed and drawn up.

Stage 2: Pre-construction. Still in the beginning stages, you will finalize design selections and pre-order all major materials, such as lumber. You will receive a tentative construction schedule to keep you involved in the process.

Stage 3: Foundation: The foundation stage is devoted to the construction of the foundation of your home. All footings and foundation walls will be poured. Exterior of foundation walls will be waterproofed and slab edge insulation will be installed. Lower Level slab and garage slab are poured.

Stage 4: Framing: This is the skeleton of your home. Floors, walls, stairs and the roof are constructed but your home isn’t closed in just yet. Tyvek housewrap is installed prior to siding installation.

Stage 5: Mechanicals: At this stage mechanical aspects such as electrical wiring, plumbing and HVAC are roughed-in. The pipes and wires are still exposed at this stage; there are a few more stages before the interior is complete.

Stage 6: Insulation and air sealing: This stage is designed to keep you and your family comfortable in the house. Gaps are sealed and spray foam insulation is added. Roof shingles are installed.

Stage 7: Drywall: At this stage the walls and ceilings are covered with drywall and textured.

Stage 8: Interior finishes: This is likely to be an exciting stage for you, as it’s when the house really starts to look finished. Your walls and ceilings are filled in; interior doors are installed along with trim, shelving, cabinets, countertops, mirrors, and flooring. The plumbers and electricians return to finish their jobs, installing registers, faucets, and light fixtures and appliances.

Stage 9: Exterior Finishes: This stage includes exterior painting, deck finishing, landscaping, irrigation and sod.

Stage 10: Pre-closing walk through: If any problems are found, they are repaired before entering the next stage. Once any repairs are made all remaining construction materials are removed, and the home is cleaned and ready for the closing.

Stage 11: Closing. Before you can own the home, you’ll be walked through the house and have mechanical systems and appliances explained to you. Use this time to ask questions about how the home operates. A few days after the walk-through you’ll sign papers and the house will be yours!


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